Cook yourself healthy

We have a revelation to share with you, and we think you’re going to like it... It is possible to survive the winter season without feeling run down!

OK, so we know that this isn’t news to anyone, but as those cold, dark nights approach, so too does that unnerving expectation of the achiness, sniffling and heaviness that goes hand in hand with the dreaded flu bug.

But we have an easy solution, you can keep yourself in tip-top condition just by looking at your diet. There are a number of obvious ways, which we all already know to keep your immune system in harmonious balance:

  • Don’t smoke

  • Drink alcohol in moderation 

  • Exercise regularly

  • Escape rainy England and catch some rays

  • Get an adequate amount of sleep each night  

Whilst these may seem straightforward, it can be hard, especially during the festive season to stick to them. 

However, we have put together some handy tips, of how small changes to your diet can really make a big difference to your immunity and overall health.

Cook knows best…

  • Cooking with extra virgin oils like Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oil will have you feeling energised and lifted, as they contain essential fatty acids and vitamins such as Vitamin K and Vitamin E.

  • Mushrooms pack a big punch when it comes to immunity, and contain some very powerful antiviral and anticancer substances. Shiitake mushrooms contain a substance called beta glucans, which strengthen our white blood cells and overall immunity, as well as Maitake mushrooms which help our bodies to fight bacteria. 

  • Incorporating vitamin-rich vegetables such as red peppers, broccoli and spinach in your diet will keep your immune system happy. These vegetables are high in antioxidants and vitamins that won’t only boost your immunity but can help with maintaining healthy skin and are supercharged with minerals.

Healthy Gut...

Studies suggest that the bacteria found in our guts are linked to many different health issues, including mental health, autoimmune diseases, and of course, our immune system.

An effective way to ensure your immune system is built like a small army is to include probiotics in your diet. Shelves upon shelves of probiotics and supplements can be confusing and overwhelming, so here are some easy tips:

  • Identify ‘Lactobacillus’ and ‘Bifidobacterium’ on the back of your probiotic, which are important bacteria families that live in our gut and have been proven to boost immunity. 

  • Fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh and natural yoghurt are also full of probiotic goodness, so including them in your diet will have you feeling like you’ve reached the top of Immunity Mountain.

Incorporating these simple and easy methods into your daily lifestyle will make a huge difference to your overall health and immunity and have you feeling tip-top, so you can spend the upcoming festive season in high spirits, feeling happy and healthy!

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