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Who said oils can’t be the star of the show? Say goodbye to the idea of oil being the mundane ingredient in the back of your cupboard, and hello to Mokhado - your new kitchen and cooking staple. We produce cold pressed extra virgin oils of the finest quality, using only the best raw ingredients sourced from local farms of Limpopo, South Africa. Our range includes Avocado, Apricot Kernel and Macadamia, and each and every one of them is Great Taste Award winning.

The Mokhado story began decades ago with the Gilberts and the Rottchers, fruit farmers from the Limpopo province of South Africa. Our families have been in the oil business together for over 40 years, producing top quality oils from South Africa. We are the fourth generation of the Gilbert and Rottcher families, and Mokhado is our brainchild! 

We’re passionate about everyone in the food production process getting a fair deal, and we’re all about keeping it local. Many communities around the world have their crops and harvest exported on a mass scale, making it difficult for them to rely on their own produce. To ensure this doesn’t happen in our local communities, we operate a skills-sharing-partnership between family-owned groves and local smaller farmers in Limpopo, working closely with them to establish small farms from which we then buy our crop from. Our farmers take exceptional care of their trees and harvesting to provide the highest quality produce, but the expense of organic certification and materials excludes small farmers and communities, meaning that we are unable to label our products as organic. Investing in organic certification would defeat the purpose of our programme which is to help small farmers succeed and provide for their families - our oils are all 100% pure and sourced from the best ingredients to produce the highest quality oils, whilst supporting and sustaining local communities. 

We produce our oils with great taste and good health in mind - not only are they of the highest quality and exceptional in taste, but they also have an abundance of health benefits. Each bottle is jam-packed with vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, which help with inflammation and a number of health issues, such as lowering high cholesterol and even lowering the risk of some cancers. Not only are our oils wonderful for your insides, they are also pretty good for your skin, making the list of benefits truly endless! Head over to our blog to find out more about the amazing health benefits of our oils. Healthy eating has never been tastier!

If you’ve got a question about our oils, why not get in touch? Make sure you never miss a drizzle by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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