Plastic Free July - Tips on Living Sustainably

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from using recyclable packaging to working with local farms through a skills-sharing partnership to produce the highest quality cold-pressed oils

We’re strong advocates of reducing waste and making mindful changes in order to save our precious planet, which is why this Plastic Free July we thought we’d share some handy tips on how you can also reduce your plastic consumption. After all, there is no Planet B!

  • Our oils come in durable glass bottles that can be recycled or reused for things like small vases… going plastic-free is all about thinking outside the box! Our gift sets are also wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging making them an even better gift for the foodie in your life.

  • Do your weekly shop at local markets or independent stores rather than major supermarkets who wrap their food in unnecessary plastic packaging.

  • Using cold-pressed oils in your cooking as an alternative to butter is not only a much healthier alternative but will also reduce your plastic waste as most butter comes in plastic tubs that are rarely recycled.

  • Carry a reusable coffee cup or flask rather than using disposable coffee cups. Most places also give you a discount for using your own coffee cup!

  • Swap some of your skincare products that come in plastic tubes for natural alternatives like our Organic Apricot Kernel Oil - as it’s a light and dry oil, it can be used as a non-greasy moisturiser that can be applied to your face as well as anywhere else you please! Why not try and make your own skin serum at home?

  • Cut out fizzy drinks, juices and other drinks that come in plastic bottles to not only reduce your plastic waste but also your sugar consumption - win win!

  • Did you know there’s been an 85% reduction in plastic bags since the tax was introduced? Taking your own shopping bag out with you rather than buying a plastic one will not only help with your plastic consumption but will also save you money.

  • Say no to straws or use plastic-free alternatives made from materials like stainless-steel.

  • Making homemade meals using fresh ingredients is undeniably worth it, not only for the flavour and nutrients but also as it uses much less packaging than ready-made meals. Check out some of our recipes using our cold-pressed oils here
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