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Heady spiced rice & lentils bowl

One of our favourite meals on cool Spring evening is this wonderfully spiced bowl of goodness.

Greek fried rice

This is definitely a quick & easy weeknight recipe, one that is guaranteed to induce feelings of summer and memor...

Quick & easy gluten free pizza

When the craving for pizza strikes, no-one feels like waiting around for kneading and rising dough.

Thin & crispy gluten-free pizza

This thin and crispy pizza base is one of our favourites. Being made from rice flour and macadamia oil, it's quite a ...

Butternut & thyme noodles

This is a truly with melt-in-your-mouth noodle experience, made oh so fancy with crispy curly butternut chips.

Roast beetroot & pistachio shells

We whipped up some seriously punchy Roast Beetroot & Pistachio Shells, served on some creamy buffalo milk ricotta.

Fluffy egg yolk fusilli

This humble little bowl of curly fusilli may look simple - some might even say boring - but it packs some serious fla...

Macadamia pancakes with chocolate sauce

Pancake Day is February 9th! Whilst we love a little lemon and sugar, and maple syrup is just fine, we want to push t...

Vegan apricot flapjacks

With thousands of people taking part in Veganuary this year, we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon with this month’s ...

The avocado camembert burger

We love a kick in the teeth and mild throat burn from far too much hot sauce as much as the next foodie, but sometime...

Warming carrot and ginger soup

Autumn is the season of coughs, colds and sneezes. Unless you’ve got the immune system of a superhero, you’re bound t...

Nutty dairy free autumn cookies

Nothing gets us geared up for autumn quite like warm, aromatic spices. We’ve combined them with indulgent honey-roast...
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