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Delicious vegan green pesto

Pesto could just as well be called ‘culinary magic’. It’s super versatile, super easy to make and always absolutely d...

Tangy gooseberry & mustard pasta

Sometimes brilliant flavour harmonies appear in totally unexpected combinations of ingredients and so it was with a t...

Creamy vegan bechamel sauce

As one of the French cuisine’s ‘Mother Sauces’, the humble béchamel or ‘white sauce’ faces uphill battles when it com...

Super supper soup

Every now and again one of those days strike. You know what we’re on about… the kind of cold, hard, long day that can...

The tokoloshe's scary supper

In southern Africa lurks a mischievous creature that plays tricks on good people all year round.

Flowery rainbow salad

Salads are not only for summer; in fact, we have them all year round with all kinds of seasonal ingredients.

Sweet & tangy fig salad

"To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exq...

Nutty mint and quinoa salad

Quinoa is truly one of the most delicious "discoveries" of the past decade's food revolution, and the darling of the ...

Sweet & spicy mango curry

Perfect for a warm summer evening, this cool, sweet & spicy fruit curry just hits the spot.

Fresh banana curry

Banana? Not to worry, we were also a bit confused at first, but pleasantly surprised by this delightful fruit curry.

Peach fruit curry

It’s the nation’s favourite food and summer brings loads of delicious in-season fruits to add some sweetness to your ...

Sweet & sour tofu rice bowl

Tangy Chinese sweet & sour sauce is a particular craving we get from time to time
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